: $30.00

Word that gets replaced by your image (10 chars max).
Colons will be added to the beginning and end of your
keyword, but do not count towards the character limit.

Smilie tags should be a comma or space-separated list
of words that someone might use to look up your smilie.
They should include basics like what it's an image of,
what color it is, and 'animated' if it is animated.
Include the 'vanity' tag if it is about a specific user,
so we can delete it prompty. 100 chars max.

30kB max, up to 90x25px
Allowed types: GIF, PNG, JPG

Required Reading

  • A "smilie" is a short keyword that can be used in forum posts to insert a corresponding image
  • You can view the list of smilies to see what smilies already exist
  • There is no guaranteed time that your smilie will remain on the forums, but it will usually be at least a year unless your smilie is really horrible
  • A colon character will be added to the beginning and end of your keyword
  • All smilies are subject to admin approval
  • Smilie images must be work safe!