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Custom Title

: $5.00

This form allows you to change your custom title avatar and text for an account that you own or an account in your shopping cart that you are about to purchase. All titles are subject to admin review.

Choose whether this title is for you or someone else:

Select this to set a new title for a forums account in your shopping cart or for an account you already own (requires password).
This allows you to change any user's title. You may use this for good or evil, but the title must adhere to forum rules and be work-safe.

150kB max, up to 180x180px
Allowed types: GIF, PNG, JPG

Required Reading

  • You may use BBcode and smilies!!
  • A few BBcode tags are not allowed in titles: [video], [img], and [timg]
  • Change font size and color with the [size] and [color] tags, described here.
  • HTML is not allowed in titles
  • Your purchase will change the target user's title once to the title you set on this page